Leach Branding

May 2021

This series of highly detailed fluid simulations have been used as visual branding content for Leach Specialist Printers. A collection of high resolution idents and still images, this brief required highly art-directable simulations that convey the distinct mixture of colour and dynamism that Leach endorses.


Created using an industry standard particle and VFX system, the process involved a number of research and development phases resulting in multiple iterations of style frames, motion studies and colour tests.

Crucially, there was the unique challenge of fitting the fluid to the confines of the existing boundaries of the logo, whilst emulating and exaggerating the physical behavior of paint as it erupts, mixes and cascades through space; forming intuitively recognizable droplets and fluid sheets (consistent with a viewer’s innate familiarity with fluid dynamics) only to then collapse back in on themselves in a vortex of conspicuously digitized matter.