LCFMA21 - Dual Identities

January 2021

Dual Identities is a film that was developed to accompany the end of year digital fashion show for the MA Costume Design students of London College of Fashion.


Due to Covid restrictions that were present at the time of LCF's class of 2020 graduation, the traditional fashion show was digitally recreated. The students' creations were worn by Alexander Whitley's dancers while performing choreographies that matched the envisioned backstory behind each costume. The dancers were recorded both in video as well as through motion capture and the footage was used to form a digital identity for each of the costumes.

Based on the student's back stories, we tried to isolate the main concept behind each design and use it to bring to life various layers of Digital Matter that would encapsulate the essence of each costume.

The digital counterparts, as well as the original recordings of the costumes were presented side by side in video as well as in a customized website where anyone could explore the ideas developed by LCF's costume design, class of 2020.