Art Of Movement

January 2023

An interactive & immersive experience at Nike Town London where visitors' body movements influence the visuals and sound inside an LED-covered room. In this celebration of color and movement we explored techniques such as realistic pigment mixing simulation, wave equations, pixel sorting and elastic fabric simulation.


An immersive experience installed at the ground floor of NikeTown London, The Art Of Movement allowed visitors to explore and discover Nike shoes through two guided audio workout routines that focused on speed and explosiveness, as well as power and strength. The experience used Azure Kinect and optical flow tracking to capture the users' body movement in real time, influencing the visuals and sound in the room.

Using a realistic pigment mixing simulation, custom algorithms to measure the activity of body parts, a bespoke weaving algorithm using pixel sorting, and a screen-space elastic fabric simulation, the visitors could create their own unique artwork through their body movements.

The Art of Movement studio was set in a 16 sq metre space with three LED walls and a mirrored ceiling, creating an immersive environment for the visitors. The project was a successful collaboration between Nike and our team, pushing the boundaries of technology and art to provide a memorable experience for visitors.