Chaotic Body II - Liminal Phase

May 2021

Chaotic Body is a triptych of films, developed in collaboration with choreographer Alexander Whitley. The project investigates the very nature of Dance in a socially distanced world. "Liminal Phase" is the second film in the series, featuring a dance duet. The film explores the chain of actions/reactions triggered by the dancers' bodies in a vast field of Digital Matter.


Presented through a dance duet, the film explores the hidden interactions of moving bodies with the invisible fields that surround them, and how the emergent forces originating from the dancers’ bodies can reveal themselves as Digital Matter in constant flux.

This manifestation of invisible energy comes to life both emphatically, through sharp and swift movements, but also subtly, by paying attention to the human breath and how it can dissolve the boundaries between the form of the dancers' bodies and the environment in which they are situated.

The dancers’ motion is translated into 3-dimensional, dynamic velocity fields that stir and rattle a dense, computationally simulated fluid, additionally disturbed by the analyzed frequency spectra of the score. These unique interactions expose different properties of the fluid and set in motion a series of phenomena. The flowing particles reveal turbulent and viscous flows, as well as waves and ripples of energy surging through the vat of Digital Matter.