Chaotic Body I - Strange Attractor

September 2020

Chaotic Body is a triptych of films, developed in collaboration with choreographer Alexander Whitley. The project investigates the very nature of Dance in a socially distanced world. The first film of the series named "Strange Attractor" explores the linear timeline of a dance solo, focusing on the underlying patterns and deterministic laws that drive it.


Strange Attractor reinterprets a solo dance performance, where the main character exists within a linear narrative and simultaneously interacts with apparitions of her possible selves, outlining the principles of sensitive dependence on initial conditions.

The past, present and future of the dancer's movements are imprinted onto a 4D field, an invisible dense stage of forces that drive a particle-based chaotic dance.

The particle system that was developed consists of a series of bespoke algorithms that interpret the dancer's position, motion and the accompanying soundtrack; translating these variables (in real-time) into a representation inspired by the scientific plotting of strange attractor structures & geometries.