The Butterfly Effect

October 2020

The Butterfly effect is a dance performance inspired by the science of Chaos Theory. Choreographed and produced by Alexander Whitley, the show features audio-responsive visual effects projected on gauze and haze.


This hybrid performance was set out to explore the themes of time, causality and unpredictability. Similar to how a flutter of delicate butterfly wings can be linked to a tornado, the performance celebrates flowing energy, creating a dynamic space where the dancers' motion effects can be visualized through a layer of Digital Matter.

The visual effects were created using motion capture data that were recorded offline, as well as video-based computer vision techniques, including optical flow, background subtraction and monocular depth analysis.

The Butterfly Effect has been presented in a double bill program ‘Horizonte’ in Darmstadt and Wiesbaden with performances on November, December and January(2021-2022)