Nike Air-Max Listening Room

March 2023

An immersive audiovisual experience at NikeTown London where the work of four up-and-coming music artists comes to life inside an LED-covered room. The personal style of each artist is celebrated through custom audio-responsive visual effects.


Installed at the ground floor of NikeTown London, this immersive experience invites the audience to experience the personal style of four distinct, emerging music artists through a compelling audiovisual experience.

The character of each individual artist was discussed, re-imagined and encapsulated in a series of audio-responsive visual effects. From glitch distortions and VHS layers, to kaleidoscope-looking fluid simulations, to bouncing point cloud representations of the city of London, the artistic diversity of: Nia Archives, Jeshi, Chi Virgo and Jaden Thompson comes to life in an LED covered room.